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Whisper Sheers Translucent

November 23, 2016

Simple, stylish and highly functional WHISPER® Sheer Shadings diffuse light to a soft glow while allowing you to maintain your view. Innovative and elegant WHISPER® Sheer Shadings combine a series of tilting fabric vanes suspended between two layers of sheer fabric, offering the ultimate in light control and privacy.

  • WHISPER® Sheer Shadings feature two layers of sheer fabric, separated by a series of floating, soft fabric vanes. The vanes impart a gentle glow of colour to your room when closed and almost disappear when open to gently diffuse the light combining privacy with a softly filtered view.
  • When opened the fabric vanes filter the light while preserving the outside view, when tilted, the fabric vanes further soften the light and, at the same time, soften the view and when closed, the fabric vanes provide complete privacy without total darkness.
  • WHISPER® Sheer Shadings are available in 50mm and 65mm vanes sizes and in translucent and room darkening opacities in two very distinct fabric ranges.
  • 100% Polyester fabric is durable and anti-static to repel dust making the shade easy to maintain.
  • The EasyRise Lifting System raises and lowers the shading and tilts the vanes with a single continuous cord, while the Motorised Lifting System
  • offers the same control at the touch of a button. Both lifting systems provide Child Safety.
  • Featuring colour coordinated hardware, the fabric is totally concealed in the Headrail when raised.
  • WHISPER® Sheer Shadings are covered by a 3 year warranty.*


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